Saturday, 28 April 2007

Blue boxes for Hackney Yay!

Well done to Hackney Council for introducing borough wide Blue box organic matter recycling. Unfortunately they have omitted to deliver mine and I've been in s stream of 5-10 working days madam, for the past 2 months. Maybe one day, dear old Hackney Council.

Improvising aside, I bought (with a good HC discount) a Junior Wormery. back in January. How cool is that I thought. Worms sent in the post eating my tough spinach storks and turning it into plant feed. 10 weeks on I took my first crop, not quite got the hang of it yet, A small infestation of fruit fly and a few dead worms. It's a learning process and the rest are thriving and beavering away. Here's to worms! Nature salutes you.

Check out the wormery

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